Rooms Available:
The Ballroom
The LakeSide (This Page)
The Freudenberg
The Paulson Room

The Lakeside room is located on the West side. A large overhead door is located in the SW corner for use in Lakeside as well as Adley and the entire large room.

Access from the kitchen is through the hallway. Exit doors are available to the South and West parking lots.
This room is perfect for meetings, graduations, anniversaries, reunions, Christmas parties, and more.

Seating Capacity: 256 persons
Dimension: 37′ x 60′ | 2,220 sq. ft.

Standing at entrance of the room.

Lakeside Bar
Two (2) portable beverage bars.

Lakeside Room
Standing in South West corner of room looking towards the entrance.

Prairie Event Center in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota